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MDC - Dominik00 by ravenshield
MDC - Dominik00
I haven't drawn up any characters from my age-old Metroid AU in way too long. Granted, I put together this updated image of Dominik some months back, but it's still the newest image of him I've got. I wanted a better image depicting his frame and body markings; I'd like to eventually make one for each of the other main characters as well.
There's nothing drawn on under those boxer-briefs, but I felt this was a classier option to the floating black box.  

(Last update of Dominik was here: M: DC - Dominik 01)
M:DC - Damon 02 by ravenshield
M:DC - Damon 02
I haven't drawn up any characters from my age-old Metroid AU in way too long. Granted, I put together this updated image of Damon some months back, but it's still the newest image of him I've got. I wanted a better image depicting his body markings; I'd like to eventually make one for each of the other main characters as well. 
There's nothing drawn on under those boxer-briefs, but I felt this was a classier option to the floating black box.  

(Last update of Damon, containing his character profile: M: DC - Damon 01)
  • Listening to: Super Metroid (Orchestral) - Beyond The Glass
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  • Playing: Mass Effect 2 [Second play-through] C :
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Hey folks - so here's the story, briefly: I'm looking to make a little extra money to supplement my income and possibly make a few folks happy with some character art in the process. I'm opening up for commissions, if anybody would be interested in that. C :,

Since I work as often as possible, what I'd like to offer here is basic character art. Meaning, I won't be doing backgrounds, scenes, or anything like that. Just pretty generic character work; that way I can give you guys a good turn-around time and avoid burning my self out in the process. Keep in mind, this is all digital work done in Photoshop and no traditional media will be used, nor will any actual prints be mailed out; commissioner will be emailed a high-resolution format of the work done, and no finished work will be posted to my DA account unless the commissioner gives their permission to do so. Characters belong to all of their respective owners, of which will always be credited and linked back to, where possible, in post descriptions. I do however retain rights to the artwork itself and do not authorize for my work to be used commercially or for any otherwise financial gain of others; it is for personal use only please. 

I would like to offer four options, with four separate prices:

Sketch work for $10.00 each, one character. They'd be fairly tight sketches in a single colour and will always be full-body images, unless of course you don't want that.
( EXAMPLE: Jet Force Gemini00 by ravenshield, WIP DnD - Halloway by ravenshield )
Lineart work for $18.00 each, one character. These are finished lineart, so they're clean and smooth, and black and white. The only stuff I add in colour is hair, because I don't typically outline hair - if you don't want it in colour, just give me a heads up. These will always be full body unless requested otherwise.
( EXAMPLE: M:DC - Jolly 07 by ravenshield, Jet Jaguar 01 by ravenshield )
Coloured work is $30.00 each, one character. This is the whole thing from start to finish, but in my colouring style, which is basically flat colours with some flat shade and simple highlight. Again - full body, unless requested otherwise.
(EXAMPLE: - Jet Force: Squad Gemini - by ravenshield Commission 011 - Zafi and Nemea by ravenshield [backgrounds extra] )
Chibi/SD work is $8.00 each, one character. These will all come completely finished; so sketch, lineart, colours. I am also willing to do very simple backgrounds with these. Such as in the examples. They will always be full body, unless requested otherwise.
( EXAMPLE: - Long Distance Relationship - by ravenshield, - Rhythm Vipers - by ravenshield )
Tattoo Design work begins at $65.00 and moves up from there, dependent on size, complexity, and whether colour is to be used or not. These images run higher as they are handled with the greatest care and I require much more input from the commissioner throughout. I think it is also fair to be requesting more for this work, as the average cost charged by most tattoo artists is $100-$200 per hour. I understand that their work is specialized, but when using a template, such as the work of another artist, I think it's appropriate to credit the original artist for their time in creating permanent work for one's body. Final cost would be discussed and agreed upon prior to me beginning the image. I would ask that you describe in great detail what you're looking for, providing any additional reference material you've got, and I will gladly get back to you with a quote. 
( EXAMPLE: Commission 012 - Tattoo Design [Jordan] by ravenshield, more examples forthcoming, once I receive commissioner permission to provide them here. )    

Adding an additional character to any category will be a charge of 50% the standard cost, per character.
Simple backgrounds may be added to any Full-Colour image only for an additional cost of $3.00. 
Any request that will require a severely increased number of hours to completion based in complexity/technicality will result in additional costs that will have to be discussed and agreed upon before any work begins.    

I will generally be drawing characters in fairly generic positions, or at least something that fits their personality; though if you have a decided upon pose, feel free to let me know, but please keep it reasonable - I may be inclined to charge an extra cost for more complex poses, as detailed in the rules above. Please allow me a bit longer turn-around time for more complex images that I might have to do a little research and practice for. I'm pretty open to all character types: fanart and OCs; humans, animals, anthros, therios, monsters, and robots [though be gentle on the robots and mechanical subjects, as I consider organic subjects my main skill set.]  

If you're interested, please note me about it and just let me know how many works you're looking for, which kind of work you're looking for (sketch, chibi, etc.), and that's it. I'll get back to you as soon as possible to discuss it with you and let you know how soon I can begin and/or where your place is on a waiting list. Once that's handled and I'm ready to take your request, you can go ahead give me all the details, specifics, and reference images (which are certainly not required, but are great!). Since I haven't seen how this all works out with my schedule yet, I can't quite quote any solid turn-around times, though I like to shoot for 2-3 weeks on average. I do promise to keep you fully updated on the progress throughout, including the situation of any delays. I do regular, watermarked, progress updates and allow for moderate amendments to be made prior to the finalization of any image, though I'd ask that these generally remain limited and happen at the sketch phase. I want everyone to be completely satisfied with the result of their commission, and I'm more than happy to affect some changes early on, but there is also only so many times I can draw/redraw an image before it becomes more costly in my own time than I am being compensated. I appreciate the understanding! 

Payment would be via PayPal and is generally accepted at any time throughout the course of the commission, but required at image completion. Once paid in full, I will send a non-watermarked version of the completed image. 

Just as a full disclosure, I want to reserve the right to refuse any request at my discretion.

Thanks a lot for taking the time to read through my blathering and hopefully I've managed to interest some folks into purchasing some art. : D


Kat Szabo
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Favourite genre of music: Space Opera; Epic Orchestral; Ambient Electronica; Acoustic Folk; Irish Folk; African Choir; Solo, Blues, and Jazz Piano; Big Band; Power and Love Ballads; Soft Rock.

Favourite style of art: Traditional and Digital Sketch Art.

Operating System: Windows 7.

MP3 player of choice: Winamp.

Wallpaper of choice: Subtle and thoughtful - presently, a poignant image of the Illusive Man.

Favourite cartoon character: CMO Ratchet [Transformers G1].

Personal Quote: You get what you give.

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Your artwork is absolutely beautiful, by the way; your use of colour and light is so eye-catching and astounding - you really have a strong understanding of it. I also just had to say...I have that same large stuffed octopus, haha. I named mine Diego. I had that squid as well, but I gave him to my younger cousins, who just totally love him! : D   

Thank you again and take care!
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And ha, that's awesome. Large octopus plushies are the best!
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